Gave Birth!!!


Gave Birth!!!


Gave Birth!!!


Gave Birth!!!

Float Session #6
Date: 4/09/2019
Weeks pregnant: 38

As birth draws closer, I find myself excited to meet my baby but also apprehensive and fearful of the unknown. I am anxious about the sensations of birth and the myriad of potential outcomes. I am trying to do everything I can to make this birth as seamless and healthy while also realizing that some things remain mysterious, inexplicable and out of my control.

This float I again focused on my breathing exercises, 3 breaths in and 5 out. I am finding them more difficult as my belly grows but they always feel refreshing. I took this float opportunity to focus on my pelvic floor muscles. I called them to relax which felt very unfamiliar.

Throughout my pregnancy, I feel like I had been getting the societal and (often unsolicited) anecdotal message to do Kegels and strengthen my pelvic floor at every opportunity so having to consciously call them to relax felt challenging. What I discovered in attempting this exercise is I could physically feel my hips open. I typically hold tension and tightness in my hips so this was very challenging but I felt like making the mind-body connection with my hips would potentially help me in birth.


Gave Birth!!!

Float #3
37 weeks pregnant
April 4th, 2019

This float ended up being my last pregnant float because my baby came 2.5 weeks early! Luckily, it was a good one! I was in room 5 this time which I think Is my new favorite room. Great for being pregnant because it’s the closest one to the restroom. It’s also their largest completely enclosed tank and has a great shower set up.

Going to these [floats] feels like a day at the spa. I love the fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner, and the consistency of the lotion they provide. This float was very relaxing, and I felt slightly more comfortable staying on my back for a longer duration after getting a few more opinions on how likely it was to affect my babies position. I was a bit too awake to drift off to sleep, but instead had the opportunity to meditate and focus on the wonderful, weightless feeling and total quiet. It’s amazing how much time we spend with noise all around us and never really notice. But being devoid of sound, that’s noticeable.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last float, and waiting this long to write about it is against the rules but hey, I had a newborn! I find myself really craving another float. Totally checking out, leaving your phone behind and silencing all the sounds of the world is a rare opportunity. In only 3 weekly floats I got accustomed to having this luxury and can’t wait to go back for more time alone with my thoughts, away from any obligations, just floating, relaxed and comfortable.

Angela (New Participant) 


Float Session #1
Date: April 3 2019
Weeks pregnant: 26

I was nervous this morning about my float session. What will I do for 90 minutes, can I last that amount of time on my own? Will I panic? Can I leave if I need to? There was a lot of mind chatter, and when I was waiting to go in I was coming up with all the reasons why I should just leave, or how I could make the session shorter.

However, I went in…They gave me a big room, and a few props in case I wanted to float on my tummy or my side, which was really helpful. I was surprised that the water level is really quite low and how easy it was to just lie there and float. For the first 45 minutes, I was experimenting with light on, light off, on my back, on my side, and on my front, and all over again. The most comfortable was on my back but for some reason, I had a niggling voice telling me this might not be safe, even though my high-risk doc said it was totally fine and good to float.

The quietness was blissful….. I tried to focus on my baby, to connect to his suspension in the amniotic fluid In my tummy, and to let him know I’m here for him.  – it was special to be in that space….

The 2nd 45 minutes was surprising and magical – I managed to relax and feel comfortable in the darkness and just be. After a while, I experienced my heart opening up and spinning into a strong white light that moved up into the universe. I felt a sense of calm and confidence, and fulfillment. I’m not sure how long this was going on for, but then I felt my baby daughter Rose (who passed away at birth) come close to me. Something I have not managed to feel for a while. She was so close, I could feel her touching the side of my face. It was intense and beautiful to connect with her again. Then she did something unexpected, and jumped into the light and snuggled deep into my heart. She wanted to stay a while which filled me with joy, then it was time to separate again, but she left a beautiful and deep feeling of love with me all day.

The last 45 minutes went quickly and before I knew it it was time to get out. I was in a daze for the next few hours trying to piece together the special experience I had just had. But I felt happy, content and connected all day.


Due Late May

Float Session #4
Date: 4/9/19
Weeks pregnant: 33

There’s nothing like buying a house and moving while being very pregnant to cause added stress in life! I almost didn’t go to this float, because I felt there were other things I should be doing.

But I’m glad I did.

My body needed the rest and relaxation. I had been having a lot of back and shoulder pain, as well as Braxton Hicks contractions, over a couple of days leading up to the float. But floating helped all of that melt-away. I was able to be very still and calm in the water for the majority of the time, both physically and mentally. I also slept extremely well that night and felt extra rested the following morning. It was a much-needed reset on a stressful week.

Sophia (Float Program Organizer)

Due in mid-June 

No Floats in April, but has booked several floats for May!