People really love to float

The reasons why people float can vary, but there is a common reaction we tend to notice…

  1. “I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into…” (Goes ahead, schedules appointment to find out)
  2. “90 minutes seems like a long time…” (yet, hops into the tank)
  3. I can’t believe I waited this long to float, IT WAS SOOOOO AMAZING (minimum of 5 Os), and time just flew by.”

The following is a collection of stories, reviews, and experiences from just a few of our happy floaters. If you loved your float, we would love to hear about it!


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I had an amazing experience at Float On Friday night. I had looked into this zero gravity experience several times over the years but had never taken the plunge. My wife got me a gift certificate for a 90 minute float and this was the night. I paid a lot of attention to my experience, I’m going to be pretty detailed but the bottom line if you don’t want to read it all is that I can’t recommend it highly enough! I think it could be a life changing experience for me and I hope you will take the opportunity to try it for yourself! The people and facilities at Float On were fantastic, so I certainly endorse them!

I don’t advertise this fact, but it is important that I share it here for putting this topic and my experience in perspective. I have a degenerative spine condition that has resulted in my having a 5 level fusion in my lower back. This means I have 5 vertebrae fused together as one using bone grafts and titanium screws. My first back surgery was as a middle schooler and I had a second in my early 20s. It also means that my normal state of being is one of pain. I have documented pain tolerance that is off the scale and I do quite well at living a mostly normal life. But, the simple fact is I have not experienced a moment without pain in nearly 40 years… until tonight…

I called and made my appointment and spoke to a wonderful woman who took time to answer questions for me and help me choose the perfect tank. She gave me a couple of great tips, most profound was to bring fresh socks so after the experience and cleansing shower you aren’t putting on socks you’ve worn all day. I took it one step further and brought comfy flannel pajama pants too to wear home afterwards.

I arrived for my 9pm float about 15 minutes early and found a comfy chair in the waiting area where they provide tea and water. When the time came I had a quick tour of the space. The tips given me that helped the most were a series of techniques to relax the neck, which is often the hardest thing to do on a first float (and proved so for me).

The floatation was effortless. The first 70 minutes or so of my float I learned and experimented with positions to gain progressively more relaxation. Roughly 70-75 minutes into the float I interlaced my fingers behind my head again. This time I had my hands resting on my head. I tipped my head back the furthest I had all evening, the waterline now just above the eyebrows. For me, this was the magical position! My neck took another step towards full relaxation. My back felt warm and that feeling flowed all of the way to my toes. The only feeling I can compare it to are the super strong post surgery epidural drugs controlled by buttons in the hospital. I’m sure it had to be a natural release of endorphins. I just kept my eyes closed, my head back, and drank it all in! It was an almost euphoric feeling.

What felt like several minutes later about 80-85 minutes into my float something truly unprecedented happened to me. My neck had just a slight amount of pain but it really was minor and very localized. I was near total relaxation and had a strange feeling I just couldn’t place or quantify from my back. It suddenly dawned on me that strange sensation from my lumbar spine was not something I was feeling, it was something I WASN’T FEELING! My back was 100% pain free! I’m not even sure I know what that is or what that means! It is something so foreign to me that I didn’t even recognize it for what it was. It has been literally four decades since I’ve experienced such a thing. It was a mind blowing thought to process. I actually have tears welling up in my eyes just writing this right now!

This experience was truly life altering for me. I hope it might encourage someone else to find a similar joy for themselves!

Brian K.

Have floated here well over a hundred times. This place is a sanctuary. The staff is a welcoming group of good people. The facility is spotlessly clean and the ability to unlock unlimited floats after your sixth visit in a month has helped me navigate some high-stress months with the daily grounding I find while floating. If I ever leave Portland this place will be what I miss most.

Craig S.

This was my husband and my first time floating. The staffing was extremely helpful in getting us started and answering questions. The facilities are spotlessly clean. The floating experience itself was amazing. The 90 minutes went by very fast. I was not sure how I would like it, but we both very much enjoyed it. I felt relaxed all day and well into the the next few days. We would definitely go again.


You, there! Float, here.

I have nothing but great things to say about this place and the people who run it.

They’re all extremely knowledgeable and passionate about floating, and for good reason. At first it sounds unreasonable that you would/could enjoy spending 90 minutes in an enclosed dark space floating in 10 inches of salt water this much. You can, and you will, and the time will slip by in a stream of pleasant sighs. Also, they’re more than happy to extend your time in the tank if there’s no one scheduled after you. The in-tank experience varies, but one factor common to almost everyone is relaxation and unwinding. Once you come out of the tank there’s a sense of renewal and freshness to all your experience.

The sandwich I had post-float was a sandwich of the gods, though I honestly think that it had less to do with a miraculous sandwich and more to do with my taste buds enjoying a newfound clarity of sense. Also, you know those “colors” in the world–blues, greens, and what not? Pretty great, right? They’re even better after a float. On a note related to customer service: I was recently on my way to a job interview when I had to deal with a printer from hell. You know the ones, the printers which just stop printing when you have anything of import to print. Ten articles explaining the sea-horse body shape, sure, no problem, Sir. One resume? Screw you buddy, error occurred. I was forced to impose on the fine people at Float On out of desperation, and they were nice enough to not only print my resume for me, no problem, but furthermore give me directions that helped me get to the interview on time despite my delay.

I love Float On! You will too!

Frank C.

“Enjoy your float,” he told me as I walked out.

That float enthusiast, and Float On proprietor, Chris, was quite right.

The float itself is nice, but the after effects are the best part.  I felt calm and clear headed, and slept like a baby with crazy lucid dreams for the next two nights. The float itself was very interesting.  The first ten or so minutes I couldn’t imagine staying in there for 80 more.  I kept pressuring my brain to shut up.  But finally it just happened and I slipped into that weird space between sleep and awake.

Who knows how long that lasted.

I think the price is very reasonable.  But I decided to invest some time instead of money to start out, and I enjoyed my internship time and appreciated the option.  Everyone who walked in got treated very well.  If you’re curious, head by and pick up a pamphlet and talk to the guys.  Their website is also very informative, I had no idea this existed before I stumbled upon it via Twitter of all places.  The owners are so cool, and I’m thrilled at the pace their business is growing.

Float On!

Rachel T.

I’ve floated at about half a dozen places over the last decade. Float On is without a doubt the best float experience I’ve had.

Jeffery W

The 90 minute soak might seem intimidating to first time soakers.

I had only ever done 60 minutes before. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes! I, personally, am really fidgety, so it takes me a while to relax. Then the extra time, i *really* relaxed – Other Worldly Relaxed. It was great. The place itself is great. I love the personal rooms with showers and the privacy to get yourself together. The people are all super nice and just talking to them is calming.

And I like that they offer you tea and water when you are done, to encourage you to enjoy the calm for a little while more. 1 tip – bring a comb. I totally forgot and after you shower, it’s nice to be able to do your hair. I think they have something worked out with one of the nearby salons to blow dry your hair as well, but I’m not totally sure on those details.

I can’t wait to go back!

Heather Q.

I absolutely love floating here. I have been to other facilities and this is hands down the best in the entire metro area. The atmosphere is just right and the staff is so incredibly friendly and professional. I’ve been coming here periodically for the last 5 years and will keep coming back!! Wish I could give 10 stars.

Juli C.

It was… amazing. It’s not scary, or claustrophobic. You don’t even know you’re in an enclosure once you turn off the light.

The best thing was that my back popped in several places, and I felt like….a tingly sensation on the top of my head,  so I just sat with it, and it got warm and then spread over my scalp and I literally felt my chakras opening.

Then I saw faces… all these different faces. I have no idea if my eyes were open or closed. I heard my heartbeat, the blood in my body, and my digestion, but that was all until the music turned on.

After it was over, I felt energized, renewed…What I do know, is that I’m definitely doing it many more times.

Highly recommend.

Kate B.

What an amazing experience!!!

I was totally afraid at 1st, But once I settled in, the float took me away!! I went to Egypt, floated down a river, visited with my mom who passed away in 2014, and felt like I was in the uterus of the universe.

Let me mention as well I was smiling and laughing the whole time too! 

They gave me a veterans discount!!

Pam F.

I close my eyes and freefall. Let’s imagine and question for a second: If I were a feather, is this what bungee jumping is supposed to feel like? That’s a legitimate inquiry, right? I’m chuckling at this point. I am a feather, and I’m floating down a darkened sky with little to no sense of worriment. The atmosphere is smooth as silk. If air were a solid molecule to touch, it’d be comparable to satin. What a new and curious world I spawned into. I am young and carefree like a kid going down a slide with a giant grin on my face. The few lyrics to a favorite Hammock song replays in my mind – “This is not enough. Time fades away.” I see my mother. Her beautiful green eyes sparkle brightly in parallel with her comforting smile. We are driving and walking around The Forum back home in Carlsbad, CA. As I’m reliving a distant memory, I begin to sink…
My right arm twitches. I need to relax. Let it go. Freefall.
A set of hands warmly take ahold of mine, gently reminding me of love and connection to myself and the world around me. To live in the beauty and the now. Another pair of hands lightly holds onto my feet to keep me in place as I can be a bit of a wobbly klutz. I feel secure in that moment with no concerns. Where has time vanished to? Everything is blank. I’ve forgotten to breathe.
BREATHE. Do I focus on my worries? Am I capable of feeling pain in this world? Am I a good person? How can I, as an individual, give more positivity and fulfillment to others around me? Am I worthy of connections and change? Of reshaping and growing? What should I have to eat after this? Did I remember to turn off the stove before I decided to travel to this unknown realm? My right arm is tense yet I am numb to uncertainty.
Those same set of hands, from earlier, kindly fixate around my cheeks. I descend into an effortless hug with those hands transforming into a reassuring glossy blanket. Let go of the nonsense. Strongly breathe in, and exhale slowly. Repeat that steady rhythm. Time fades away…
…Also, I did turn off the stove.
I open my eyes yet I lost the sense to see. Maybe it’s for the better because the nothingness I hear and the lack of feeling go hand in hand. Yet, as the seconds tick on, I am mistaken and faintly envision warped shapes that mimic a faded look for a future Tool album. Maynard would be impressed if I could share these images with him. I close my eyes and am no different from where I was before. I attempt to bend my legs to change my position but I start to slightly rock like a boat. Whoops! I chuckle again and mildly reach a solid wall. Do I know how much longer this world will last? Am I ready for it to end? I’m indifferent but it does feel safe here. Let it go. This moment is beautiful. Thinking of the people I’ve come across within my life is beautiful. I am home with them. I’ve lost count of the moments. They’ve molded into nothing.
Here I go, yet again, forgetting that breathing technique thing that I have to do. BREATHE. It’s silly to me that I can dismiss breathing in this newfound world. It’s as if I’m tranquilized with hope and affirmation until I lose consciousness, defaulting me to autopilot while walking the path of happiness. It’s pure elegance and charm leave me comforted until I reach a point of lifelessness, which is where I forget to breathe. Maybe this is too good. Maybe it’s exactly where I need to be. Where I can practice to keep and center myself. This is divine. This is not enough.
Time fades away.
A sense of hearing is brought back to life with sedative ambient tunes. This is real, now. The lights dimly reawaken as I stretch and regain myself. I’m proud I made it. I’m thankful for the experience.
I rinse the salt off my body, put back on my clothes, and go outside for a full glass of berry kombucha.
And that, my friends, was my first experience with sensory deprivation. I highly recommend it to anyone to give it a go.
Float on, friends.

One of the best things I have ever done to treat myself. It’s beyond amazing. The staff is extremely helpful, courteous and insightful! This is a must do!!! Definitely will be going back. Mental and physical therapy.

Virgo H.

Words cannot describe the many amazing float experiences I’ve received here, and continue to have.

I love all the art that’s always changing.

Thank you, float on!

Jeremy R.

I couldn’t possibly put into words what this experience was like.

Amazing doesn’t really sum it up. It was peaceful, relaxing, invigorating, enlightening all rolled up into one amazing 90 minutes. The best part of this was that the feeling of lightness and peace lasted the entire night and into the next day! Both my husband and I floated, a first for us both. We would do it again and again and again.

It was a great place to experience and the folks there were so very Zen 🙂

The tea before and after was very good as well.

Jay Simins

Still processing my first float. Incredibly profound experience for sure. Thank you Float On for a very warm welcome from sweet Clypto. She was quick and efficient at explaining how it all worked. Cant wait to come back. So grateful for having you in our community.

Laila D.

Words cannot describe the many amazing float experiences I’ve received here, and continue to have.  I love all the art that’s always changing. Thank you float on!

Jer B.

As I was walking down Hawthorne Street on Saturday night (April 18th) I had been walking over 40 blocks at this point. I was getting pretty tired. I saw a blue wall that had “Float On” on the side of it. I was like – is this a tea house? 🙂 So I walked in and was very curious. A friendly woman told me all about it. They have float tanks where you are inside a tank, close a door and it’s dark inside. The water is about 93 degrees with salt water. I was intrigued and I was exhausted. I was trying to choose between going out and drinking or try something completely out of my comfort zone.

I thought I’ll do it.

In the beginning, it took me awhile to get comfortable. I closed the door and turned off the light. The water was slightly warm and then I got the salt water in my eyes. I had to get out a few times to rinse my eyes. Then I went back in and continue to let myself float. I kept bobbing up and down. The space was dark, quiet and very peaceful. It didn’t take long before.

I found myself deep breathing letting everything melt. I dissolved into the water and became nothingness. I felt calm. No one was talking to me. No one was needing me. Only being myself with myself. I no longer felt I was in my body. I was just pure light, energy, love, goodness compassionate energy flowed in me and I let everything go. Time was lost. I was either there or on some level no where exactly. I was lifted. I felt light. I felt deep forgiveness, deep love for myself and wanted to soak up that energy. It was really beautiful. I definitely will come back and bring my partner. I think I awakened parts of my spirit and can really help me solve a lot of my issues with things. It is a positive experience that I will share with others. When I started to hear the music, I thought I had only been in the tank for 90 minutes, but I had actually been in there for 2.5 hours. I couldn’t believe it! It was 2 AM? Time dissolved. I dissolved in the water and then I came back.

Truly a blessed moment for me!

Thank you Float On!


Really friendly, clean, all kinds of treats. I have fibromyalgia and this is the only thing that alleviates the chronic, daily pain I live with 24/7. I am rejuvenated, relaxed and sleep so good afterwards. Totally worth it!

Tammy H.

I hate to admit, I was a skeptic at first. I didn’t know what to expect entering a float tank for the first time.

It took me a minute to really relax, and let my mind relax. But once I realized that everyone has their own experiences in the float tank, and not every float is the same I was able to let go and really enjoy my experience. I floated on a Friday and I think I had the best weekend ever! I would never classify myself as an artist, but all I did the weekend after was draw… I had a overwhelming sense of happiness that lasted with me a long time… until next Friday; today. I decided that I need to keep this a part of my life.

Awesome. Try it. You wont forget it!!!

Laura N.

My entire life I’ve struggled with pain, even when I was young and making a living in tap shoes my joints and things suffered.

I’ve officially now at nearly 40 years old been diagnosed with multiple auto immune issues, multiple pain syndromes, including cervical myofascial pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a broken chunk of bone in my spinal cord that the doctors have not been able to remove. My life was nothing but pain, and more pain, and more stress, and yet more stress…

Then I discovered Floating.

My first time in the tank was a learning curve for sure as I struggled to convince my body to let the experience happen. I still had great results… my Second float was even better, by the third I fell asleep in the tank and woke up able to walk without my cane or walker, feeling better then I have in over 30 years. I now look forward eagerly to my weekly float. The results last longer each time I go, and I’m far more flexible then I’ve been since a car accident in 1993. Float On has helped me regain quality of life. I know nothing can be done for quantity, but I’ll take the drastic increase in quality anytime.

I’m a firm believer in this process now… its totally changed my life for the better.


I really enjoyed my experience at Float On.

The staff are well-trained, experienced and the customer service is excellent. For a beginner I would say start with the Ocean tank – being said by someone who decided to jump right in and try the Void tank.  I am someone who has a fear of closed, dark spaces, so I was antsy to try it, but I thought screw it – I have to try it – I paid for it – and I’m so glad I did it!

It took about 1/3 of the time for me to settle in (and not hit any walls), but seriously, it broke my fear of dark spaces in one session!  I became deeply relaxed and my body awareness was incredible.  With ear plugs in, you really can hear everything in your body.  From creaks to gurgles, but most amazingly, your breath becomes so rhythmic and expansive. By about halfway through, I had the sense of twirling in circles, but what was more intense were the numerous muscle spasms my body was going through.

There were moments of twitches in my legs, calves and even my neck! I felt a mild chillness, like an icy-hot pack, on my back and then the feeling of my spine lengthening – I felt so tall and stretched out in the tank! A few times I would tap a wall with my pinkie or toe, but it was gentle and didn’t startle me.  I do suggest that if you have long hair, wear it down or in a lose pony tail.  I had mine up in a clip and I would get air bubbles through my hair every time I moved. But also, it’s incredibly hard to get a tight pony tail out when your hair is covered in Epsom salt. Also, if you experience nausea while in the tank, it may be due to increased lymphatic movement in your body. The lymphatic system in our body is responsible for waste removal, fluid balance and immunity.  Floating lets your body get to work removing waste in the system.  When nausea occurs – focus on your breathing, but if it gets worse, get up slowly and open the door to the tank to get some fresher air.

I left feeling like I had the best massage in my life – no pain – but airy and light. I slept really well that night as well and I know I’ll be back for more.  I think I’ll get some bodywork done beforehand too for an even more relaxed experience. Also, the programs & internships they provide are perfect for people who are tight on cash.

Thanks again Quinn and the rest of the crew for providing such an incredible healing experience!

Amber L.

I’ve floated at Float On many a time and every time I do I am left with the post-float glow-ness.

The people at Float On know a thing or two about Set and Setting.

They have exquisitely crafted an experience that receives the guest with friendly, open arms, warm smiles and relaxed attitudes that immediately puts one at rest.

Their lounge area is sprinkled with float books, delicious teas, mushroom extracts, kombucha, guest books, and other sensory titillations for the wandering eyes or mind.

Each room has a personality and I can never choose which float tank I want to float with that session so I often let the luck of the draw sketch me into my reserved spot.

My floats are my floats. If you want to hear a description of a float then you should go float yourself instead!

Post-float chills at Float On give me all the feels.

I always pen something out into the guest book, short but sweet, drink some tea and read. Every time.

I then walk out the door, down the street, grab a coffee, spark an interesting idea, and keep on cruising.

Thanks, Float On, for a lovely everytime.

Greg E.

Just what I needed!

What an amazing experience! I’d never even HEARD of this before coming here!

I was a little bit apprehensive since I didn’t know a thing but I can tell you that after leaving and experiencing, all my questions, apprehensions and misconceptions were gone! Not to mention the stress that I’d carried in there with me!

An absolutely fantastic experience. Someone told me that one hour’s sleep in there is like 8 hours at home, my body and mind would completely agree! I ABSOLUTELY will be back!

I did the smallest tank this first time. I’m a little claustrophobic and wanted the challenge, I can tell you it didn’t bother me a bit. Didn’t make a bit of difference as I had no concept of space while I was in there.

Trust the float, let your body relax and you’ll thank yourself later.

Absolutely fantastic and relaxing time, I came out feeling like a new man and ready to tackle anything that came my way.

This is the answer to the age-old question “What gift do you get someone that has everything?” What a perfect gift certificate and experience to share with another.

Go, get your float on, you will NOT regret it!

Tomas H.

Float On is an amazing place!

I was a bit nervous going into it- I’m a bit claustrophobic, and I have a really hard time sitting still.

Seriously. I was afraid that I would feel more panicked than relaxed. But after just two minutes of “oh my god, where am I?” something came over me and for the next 88 minutes I completely blissed out. Floating is an amazing, wild, other-wordly experience. You really can’t tell where your body ends and space begins. I felt almost immediately calm and that lasted for days afterward. My senses blurred all together- your sense of touch is subject to the same crazy spacey blackness as your sense of sight. It’s amazing. I didn’t expect that this experience would effect me so much and make me so happy. I seriously fell asleep that night grinning, the weightlessness of the float still in my muscle memory, feeling calm and centered to my core. Like nothing else I could have imagined! Floating is probably incredible no matter what your current state of mind, but I would also seriously recommend it if you’re feeling less than awesome. I have been really stressed out and feeling completely unable to relax, and floating really did it for me in a way that other things (acupuncture, massage) haven’t. I’m going to recommend it to friends in distress- instead of saying “you need a massage,”

I’ll tell them to go float! It’s super affordable too, compared to any other self-care indulgence I can think of. I’ll definitely be coming back. The staff and owners are also amazing and do so much to make sure that you have a great experience, and they really care about making you comfortable. The robes and towels are fluffy and soft. The space is lovely and inviting. One thing- follow their advice before your float and don’t put your hands near your face! Salt in your eyes stings, but is easily avoided. At the same time it’s no big deal if it happens, and it’s no big deal to step out of the tank for a second (as I was told it wouldn’t be). I got salt in my eyes, jumped in and out, and quickly returned to outer space.

In short- try it! I’m definitely going back on the regular.

Sarah E.

My husband and i did our first float tonight and it was amaaaazing – more relaxing than we ever imagined! Staff was very friendly and genuinely cared about our experience there… it was very clean and we are definitely going back for another float! Float On Portland!

Amanda B.

I love this place, the hours, the people that work there. I work crazy hours doing hard physical labor. This place is a life saver. I can go recharge over night opposed to taking my whole weekend to recover.


I love coming here to float! As soon as you walk in the door the place just feels tranquil. There are six different rooms you can book an appointment to float in, each with slightly different characteristics. The first time I did a float the attendant walked me through the entire process and provided a lot of great tips on how to have a great float. You can just sense the staff’s enthusiasm about floating.  The rooms have everything you need, including a shower to use before and after you float, moisturizer to use afterwards.

When I come here to float I feel rejuvenated afterwards. It’s such a great experience.

Aaron H.

Can’t describe the energy that this place has. As someone who has floated at over 20 centers I have to say this place is very special. Staff are incredible and know just how to interact (or not) with clients. Always clean and always powerful. So many options for pods and rooms. Their custom pools are amazing and so spacious. Don’t sleep on these guys, come check em out if you haven’t already.

Michael H.

Amazing experience! This was my first float and it was truly the most relaxing thing I’ve done in such a long time. If you’re at all hesitant …. just go.

Felicia F.

So last night I took my very first, but sure not to be my last float. With a history of both claustrophobia and agoraphobia the nerves kicked into overdrive in the time leading up to my ride picking me up to start our adventure. I stepped way outside my comfort zone in hopes of finding some actual comfort.  My body is fighting several autoimmune disorders, a break at L5 that can not be surgically removed, Fibromyalgia, Cervial myofascial pain syndrome and a half dozen other things that make my life one riddled with pain. My float was scheduled for 11pm and was to take 2.5 hours. The facility was dimly lit, clean, and comfortable. The pre-experience nerves melted with the gentle, kind atmosphere.

Right on time the gentleman running the desk took me back to float room 6, gave me a brief tour and some things to expect. Thanks to his advise I opted against earplugs,and I’m glad I did.

As soon as he left the room I locked the door,took a shower in their delicious feeling and smelling soap & shampoo I skipped conditioner figuring what was the point before. Upon first stepping into the open pool type tank, my first thought was…wow chillier then I expected (a good thing for me!) the second, there is no way this is deep enough at only 10inch’s for my fluffy tuchas to float.

The first 45 minutes to an hour was a silent war zone between my body fighting for control, my mind whirring and buzzing in near overdrive… the next 20 minutes the war turned to childish exploration… if I push off this wall, yep I can bang into that one… I got out briefly, rinsed off head to toe, and again entered the tank.

This second stretch started as me ordering my brain to slow down, forcing my feet under the thick relaxing liquid and tipping my chin up, all while forcing my limbs into the starfish float I’ve impressed upon my kids as “the most relaxing and easiest float…” I focused on the all encompassing sound of my heart beat (VERY glad I didn’t wear the ear plugs as that would have been louder.and the sleepy sounds my breathing was making… it was then that I realized I could no longer distinguish where I stopped,and the water began. I was the water, and it was me.


Float On has changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful. I had the pleasure of floating for the very first time here, and haven’t found a local space quite as special since. The staff goes above and beyond for everyone who walks in the door and are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They have masted the art of being supportive and available while also allowing you to immerse yourself in the experience. The space you have all painstakingly created shows your love and dedication, and really supports the tranquility and comfort needed after floating. I really wish you had a shop in Eugene! Until then, I’ll make my trek to PDX as often as I can for this magical, peaceful, and transformative escape. Thank You so much for being your amazing selves and presenting this space for all to explore. Already posted this to Facebook, but gotta cover all the bases to let the world know you are simply amazing!

Still amazing a year and multiple floats later! Thank you for being so constantly amazing!

Erica S.

Just completed my first float. Pretty cool and I think the next time will be better after managing anticipation etc.

All Pros: clean place with plenty of privacy. Very friendly staff who intro you to how it works. Everything you will need is in your private float room. My sore hip from running was feeling great and my mind was on cloud nine. Just do it.

Jamison G.

To begin, there is nothing quite like it.

Floating is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It’s just like getting to know yourself on your own terms. When they say that it’s like floating through outer space, they really mean it. I have never had so much clarity in my entire life. I was able to perform complex math equations that I had never learned how to do. The world felt so much more real and within my control. I highly recommend floating. It turns you into a whole new person.

The environment of Float On is friendly, approachable and yet calming. The owners are extremely passionate about floating and all the benefits. When you walk in, you are greeted by friendly folks. They give you a tour of the facility and explain in great deal the benefits of floating. They provide everything you need, so just bring yourself. Enjoy your time floating!


Kevin and Pat, knowledgeable and cheerful helped 2 brothers relax into the float zone.

I went into this experience a 1st timer and initially was skeptic. I am a believer that float tanks have the potential for healing and growth. A place where one can truly face the darkest and lightest of layers within the self.

There is much support in this community. We look forward to floating again soon!

Sam J.

I visited Float On and floated for the first time almost six months ago. I loved the experience and was determined to try to afford to work regular floats into my life schedule.

After visiting three other places that offer floating, I realized that Float On is, by far, the BEST floating center experience you can have in the entire city of Portland!

Float On is clean, organized and has an extremely friendly staff. I will NEVER go anywhere else to float from now on. If you have back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches, general stress or feel the urgent need for an excellent detox consider floating at Float On; floating REALLY helps!

I know that I’ll try to work in regular floats for my New Year’s goal, it’s probably the healthiest choice too!

Katie D.

The first time I floated here one of the owner/operators mentioned how a lot of healing went on in the tank. I filed that away. in August 19, I did a 2.5hr late night. Earlier in the year I had torn a muscle in my shoulder and I was probably 60-70+% on mobility without pain. I had an experience where I feel I literally went to the pain and fixed it. I felt the muscle spread across the shoulder bone. I feel kinda crazy talking about it but this was an experience. This was a session that may as well have been a blink of an eye. I dig it.


I treated myself to a float on my birthday. (I’m 64 this year and the Beatles’ song is on an endless loop in my brain!)

I chose a late night/early morning time so I wouldn’t be rushed.

Since I have pretty serious arthritis in one knee, I chose the Ocean room tank. It looked like it was easier to get in and out of than the traditional void tank. I’m also just a little claustrophobic and have asthma so I wanted to be sure there was plenty of air to breathe. (It’s amazing what your mind can convince your body of!) The reception room at Float On is so inviting – such great colors and these playful kite-sail things on the ceiling!

The young man who checked me in was really pleasant and informative…and seemed genuinely happy for me to be there on my birthday. After a warm shower, I stepped into the Ocean tank, settled down into the water and lay back, leaving the lights on for a moment just to orient myself. Finally, I pushed the button to turn off the lights…..and experienced my own body in a whole new way. The temperature of the water is so perfect, you don’t even feel it against your skin. There was NO light – not the tiniest bit – not even a glow around the door. We are NEVER in complete darkness in real life. It was an amazing feeling. Then with earplugs in, I realized I could HEAR my heart beating and my lungs breathing.

At first, I didn’t trust the water to completely support me so I was a little tense trying to stay afloat. Then I systematically relaxed every muscle, allowing my body to truly float…and fell asleep! I fell asleep – lying in water! Two hours later, I was slowly wakened by the reverberations of music through the water.

It’s an amazing way to wake up!

I lay there for a few minutes just enjoying the novelty of feeling music…. and finally turned on the interior light and opened the door. The similarities to being born were not lost on me. Coming out of a warm, totally dark place where I was floating in liquid…… into light and fresh air! What a joyful shock! I took a long, warm shower. Float On provides wonderful soap, shampoo, conditioner and even a bottle of cider vinegar to counter the salt in you hair. There are fluffy white towels and even little packets of lotion.

I was in hawg heaven!

I sat in the lobby for a little bit, talking with Graham and having another big drink of water before I left. I didn’t want to leave right away. I felt too new, too vulnerable – I wanted to adapt a little before I faced the sensory overload of the outside world again. But my choice of a late night-early morning float worked on more levels than I realized when I made my appointment. Feeling fresh and reborn, I stepped out into the dawn of a new day – no traffic on the streets, just birds calling to each other.

The perfect cap to my float.

I did extensive research before “taking the plunge” – about flotation tanks and about flotation places in Portland – and Float On is the best! Everything about it encourages you to relax and open yourself to the possibilities of your own Self… the you that you would be without all the noise of the world bombarding you. If you have ever thought that it might be an interesting thing to try – or you know you’d really like it but you just haven’t found the time – I encourage you to do it. NOW.

No one is promised tomorrow!


I have only floated once, but it was the most amazing experience ever.

At first I used the earplugs to try and keep the salt water out of my ears, however the earplugs made it possible to hear small ambient noises. About halfway through my float, I got out and removed the earplugs. When I got back in and allowed the water to flow into my ears, the sense of hearing faded away.

Once that happened, the magic began.

I found myself seemingly detached from my own body, floating around in an alternate universe. It was one of the most amazing feelings ever, and as I melted away from myself I wanted it to never end. Wanting to hold on to that feeling forever, I drifted along in my outer space. I was sad to hear the music fade in, signaling me that my float had ended. I would recommend floating to anyone.

It’s a great way to relax, and an excellent experience that everyone should try at least once!

Mike W.

My husband and I had our very first float.

I had a lot of different expectations and fears going in, but was happy to have a good experience. I have huge confinement and claustrophobia anxieties, and there was a brief period of freak out, but afterwords I was able to settle in and enjoy the moment.

My 90 minutes seriously felt like fifteen.

The staff were very kind and helpful. I think I will definitely have to go again now that I know what to expect. I am happy to say that despite all of the anxieties going into a dark enclosed chamber, It was not as bad once you realize you are totally safe and in control at all times.

Toward the end I was able to completely relax and sink into the experience and it really is something that is hard to describe. My mind was finally calm, and once I was done, the world seemed brighter, calmer, and I noticed I did not have some of the nagging anxieties hanging around my head.

Looking forward to continuing this journey!

Google Review

I am thrilled to boast, loud and proud, that I now know what a Thanksgiving Turkey must feel like when the chef who prepares it opts to use a brine to insure tenderness and full flavor!

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best way to get flavorful poultry, regardless of how it is prepared, is to start with a brine…”

“A food scientist explains how a soak in a salt solution makes lean meat juicier and more flavorful…”

Some of the benefits to remember whether or not you experience an out of body experience or can’t imagine shutting the tank door all of the way, or choose to leave the little blue light shining: “…soaking in a bath with Epsom salt, which is high in magnesium, is one of the easiest ways to get a boost.”

I swear my jeans were looser when I pulled them on directly following my 90 minutes of chilling out in Float Tank #1. According to reputable sources “floatation therapy is very effective at lowering the stress hormone cortisol which causes anxiety and contributes to weight gain.” I felt so wonderful, a sense of peace and calm washed over me as I stepped into the lobby of Float On.

Whoa! Wait a second, not when I first walked through the doors. No, at that point I was excited, a bit nervous and had really high expectations of what I was about to experience. I was greeted by name and immediately shown to my float room, where a fluffy towel, a robe, some shower shoes, ear plugs, and other little items were neatly set out for my use.  In the corner of the room was a nice sized shower.  I closed the door to the room, disrobed, showered, then stepped into the large float tank which had a little blue light shining.  I immediately laid down and floated, closed the door and turned off the light.  Within a short time I felt a brief sense of panic, had to open the door, just a bit and even turned on the light.

After taking a few deep breathes, I was able to relax and enjoy, turn the light off, and even close the door.  I found that I thought of very little except for how my body felt, what I felt, and what I didn’t feel,  my legs felt completely weightless.   I stretched, I tried different positions, and I generally rested and relaxed.  Initially I was concerned that 90 minutes seemed too long, but it wasn’t.  I had no sense of time passing one way or the other, when I thought I heard music, I slowly sat up, popped the door open, removed the earplugs and gingerly stepped out into the softy lit room. I couldn’t resist the urge to check the time, and yep, it was just over 90 minutes. I stepped into the shower where lovely organic body wash was ready for me to use and then rinsed off.

After dressing, I stepped into the lobby, where “I felt so wonderful, a sense of peace and calm washed over me…” I look forward to floating again, once a month sounds good to me, or whenever life seems like it is getting a bit too out of control. I think everyone should try it, even you folks who are claustrophobic, you don’t have to close the tank door all of the way to get some of the wonderful benefits. Just make sure you reserve one of the two large float tanks, #1 or #2, the rest of you have two more tanks to try, I can’t wait to hear how you all like them.

Evelyn S.

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