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Rachel Hines


DESCRIPTION – Safe Harbor 
For many months I have been painting water. A friend remarked on how “blue” my studio was recently. The next night, crying, I saw a boat slip out of my head and into my studio on a wave of my tears. Thank goodness I had been creating the safe harbor! So many tears have been shed lately. They are not in vain. Each time I follow my instincts and allow my emotions to be just as they are, I enable another boat full of troubles to exit my body. Creativity and wellness are inextricably linked in my practice. My studio continues to be a safe harbor for this wild and precious human experience. I hope you enjoy the paintings, and Float On!
Rachel Hines is a feminist artist and educator, as well as a practicing studio artist based in Mt. Tabor. Her work explores the relationships between the self, the body, and the other. Hines studied at Pratt Institute, NY where she received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art. While at Oregon State University she received her BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History.
Hines has shown throughout the U.S. including exhibitions at Port City Gallery, OR; Duplex Gallery, OR; Gallery 51, MA; Kunsthalle Gallery, NY; Nurture Art, NY; the Patchogue Biennial, NY. She has performed at Oregon State University; 98Weeks, Beirut Lebanon; The Red Door Gallery, NY; The Gatewood Gallery, NC; and Location One, NY. Her videos have been screened at Now&After International Video Art Festival in Moscow, The Center for Contemporary Art of Tbilsi, Georgia; Brigade of Images, Paris; Electric Celluloid Film Festival, MI; Dalston Lane Gallery, London; and the tina b. Prague Contemporary Art Festival. Hines has participated in performance workshops with Harrell Fletcher, Ernesto Pujol, Hans Winkler, Janine Antoni, Rebecca Belmore, the Guerrilla Girls, Pablo Helguera and Marina Abramovic.

About Our Gallery

Conceived in 2011, Float On’s art gallery is located in our shop has one exhibition room, and is open nearly 24hrs / day.


The displayed art is exclusively by local floaters, with a new original piece featured each month.

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FAQs for Visitors

How often does the art rotate?

Once per month.

When is the gallery open for viewing?

Monday: 7am-11am Tuesday-Sunday: Open 24 Hours

How many pieces does the gallery hold?

11-13 larger pieces, 13-15 medium pieces, or 15-17 smaller pieces

FAQs for Artists

What is your gallery traffic like?

Being as the gallery is located in our float center, we get a lot of crossover foot traffic.  Aside from the gallery, we run 1200 floats a month, and are located in the heart of the SE on Hawthorne Blvd. The shop has large windows facing the street, so the art is visible 24/7 from the sidewalk.

What mediums do you accept in the gallery?

Anything that can be hung vertically by our wire/hook track system. Please do not include any fresh/wet oil pieces.

What is your commission rate?

We only charge a 5% commission!! This basically just covers credit processing charges.

What about the original piece?

Along with the process of being a gallery exhibitor, you will be given 4 float sessions in exchange for one original float inspired piece after completing your float sessions.  It will also be hung in the gallery for the duration of the month. After your month is over the original, float inspired piece will belong to Float On to be appreciated for ages to come.

What is your transport policy?

The gallery artist is completely responsible for all transport of gallery pieces.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, there is a basic contract involved, but it is painless.