Float On Chef Program

Our first year had come and gone, and as we sat back, flipping through our artbook with float music softly playing in the background, we realized all this hard work had made us hungry. It soon became obvious that it was time to get those creative juice not just flowing, but simmering nicely into a reduction sauce.

And so we present, our Chef Program.

Why Chefs?

Floating is great for boosting creativity and inspiration.

Your senses are heightened after floating in complete isolation, making colors more vibrant, scents more aromatic, and yes, food taste better.

Once your ‘fight-or-flight’ shuts off, your parasympathetic nervous system gets to start running the show. This is known as your ‘rest-and-digest’ system, meaning you come out of your float hungry enough to eat a small family of lasagnas.


What was Involved?

Our chefs floated for free once a week for 4 weeks.

During that time they developed a recipe that they feel will taste great after a float.

All the recipes we received were compiled into our float cookbook, Flavors from the Void.