Our Story

Sometimes things just click into place. Float On took only 152 days to go from a conversation over beers to the opening day of our float center in October of 2010. As soon as we opened we found out an inevitable truth: Portland loves floating. We quickly started to expand our schedule until we were open 24 hours a day, and we soon expanded our shop to add more float tanks, turning us into the 6-tank center we are today.

Since that time we’ve run over 100,000 floats, organized a number of awesome float programs for everyone from local chefs to pregnant women, given presentations on floating at local universities, published a book of float inspired artwork, started a record label for float inspired musicians, and so much more.

We also do a lot of work to help floating grow around the world, including creating and hosting the international Float Conference, providing training and resources to aspiring float centers, publishing books written by the inventor of the float tank, and building software to help run appointment booking and business management (the software you used to book your float!)


Our Call to Nothingness

The wonderful thing about finding yourself in control of a small business is that you get to do all the really cool stuff that you always wish businesses would do. Partner with awesome local suppliers? Check. Allow people to earn free floats by volunteering with nonprofits? Yes, please. Give artists a free float? Nah- they should get 2 free floats! How about instead of a feedback box we have crayons and art paper set out each day?

We’re grateful to be able to bring floating to people, and our goal is to give everyone the chance to float, as regularly as they care to. We offer some of the lowest rates in the country and have all sorts of memberships and programs to help people get in the tanks.



4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215

[email protected]

Phone: 503.384.2620