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Floating regularly has many benefits,
and we can make it easy on your pocketbook.

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$77 for a 90-minute float
or $54 with a monthly membership

(and if there’s no one scheduled in after you, we encourage you to stay in longer at no extra charge)

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Yearly Membership

1 Float Per Month

Monthyly Membership Perks

90-Minute Floats for $77

Our 90-minute length makes sure you get amazing effects that stick with you. A lot of float benefits don’t take hold until 45 minutes in, and they just keep getting better from there. Check out our 2.5 or 3.5 hour floats if 90 minutes just isn’t enough for you!

2.5 hr Late Night Floats – $77

11pm-1:30am & 2-4:30am

3.5 hr Floats – $124

Just book 2 slots back to back!