Save Money With Our Memberships


Floating regularly has many benefits, and we can make it easy on your pocketbook with a monthly or yearly membership.

The monthly membership is a recurring membership that gets you one float each month for $54 (minimum commitment of 3 months.) Any additional floats you want to purchase are also discounted down to $54, and if you float more than 6 times in a month, you get unlimited free floats for the rest of that month! 

Credits can be shared with family and friends, and they don’t expire for 3 years. See more details below!


Gift Certificates Available Online


Schedule a Float

$77 for a 90-minute float
or $54 with a monthly membership


call 503.384.2620

– or – Schedule Online

Yearly Membership

1 Float Per Month

Monthyly Membership Perks

Our 90-minute length makes sure you get amazing effects that stick with you. A lot of float benefits don’t take hold until 45 minutes in, and they just keep getting better from there.