About Our Float Tanks

Although we have four types of float tanks, the main differences is aesthetic.

Once you’re inside of the tank, the experience is essentially identical. Different people have different tank preferences: some people prefer the womb-like style of the Evolution Pod. Others like the head room and open space in our Ocean Float Rooms or Zero Gravity Tank.

Finally, our Float Pools provide a completely open experience with limited enclosure.

All six tanks have ventilation, a thorough filtering system, and built-in speakers that wake you with gentle music which we control from our front desk.

Schedule a Float

$77 for a 90-minute float
or $54 with a monthly membership

(and if there’s no one scheduled in after you, we encourage you to stay in longer at no extra charge)

call 503.384.2620

– or – Schedule Online


Ocean Float

(Rooms 1 & 2)

Our two ocean float rooms are taller than your typical float tank, allowing you to stand upright as you enter and exit. They also have a light that you can turn on and off. You still only lie in 10 inches of water…

Evolution Pod

(Room 3)

One of our newest additions to Float On (along with room 4)! The evolution pod looks more like a spacecraft than any other tank. Hydraulic supports on the door make getting in and out easy.

Zero Gravity Tank

(Room 4)

Even though it’s a different brand of float tank, the Zero Gravity is a similar “cabin-style” to that of rooms 1 & 2. It’s BIG! Think of it as a room within a room. Room 4 also comes complete with an ADA accessible shower.

Float Pool

(Rooms 5 & 6)

Our two float rooms (rooms #5 & 6) are our own design. We spent countless hours designing, building, and perfecting these rooms to provide a more open float experience while still giving the benefits of sensory deprivation.

Sanitation in the Float Tank

Filtration The entirety of the water is filtered through a 1-10 micron filter multiple times after each float. Skimmers are used to keep the surface completely clear.

UV / Hydrogen Peroxide High powered UV lights combined with Hydrogen Peroxide are used to treat and sanitize the water between every person.

Proper Chemistry We rigorously measure and maintain the water levels, specific gravity, and temperature of the tanks. The water in the float tank is about 30% Epsom salt, which is a difficult environment for a lot of bacteria to live in (the Dead Sea is named that for a reason). Our tanks are likely to have some of the cleanest water you’ve ever been in.

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