floating in Portland while pregnantDid you know that expecting mothers love floating more than almost anyone else? It turns out that being weightless when you’re used to carrying around a growing baby is a wonderful relief.

And many women report that some of their first ‘conversations’ with their babies happen in the float tank, where the noises and distractions of the outside world are eliminated. 

If you know anyone who is pregnant and interested in floating, make sure to send them these great tips and positions for floating while pregnant, written by one of the Float On staff who floated throughout the entirety of her own pregnancy.


Enjoy this video from Alaskan float center owners, Kirsten and Lena, who also run a birth center. They present on some exciting findings from studies they’ve been running out of their facilities.



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Enjoy these journal entries from our pregnancy float program

May Journal Entries – Pregnancy Project

Acacia  Gave Birth!!! ALLISON Gave Birth!!! Taylor Gave Birth!!! Ariel  Gave Birth!!! L’KEISHA Gave Birth!!! GRACE Not floating again until postpartum Angela   Float Session #2Date: May 17thWeeks pregnant: approx 30I felt so much more...

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April Journal Entries – Pregnancy Project

L’KEISHAGave Birth!!! ALLISONGave Birth!!! Acacia Gave Birth!!! TaylorGave Birth!!! Float Session #6Date: 4/09/2019Weeks pregnant: 38As birth draws closer, I find myself excited to meet my baby but also apprehensive and fearful of the unknown....

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March Journal Entries – Pregnancy Project

Acacia  Gave Birth!!! Many congratulations Acacia! We’ll hear more from her sometime in the postpartum year 🙂 Ariel (NEW PARTICIPANT) Due in late-April About Ariel: My name is Ariel and I’m an artist, DIYer and soon to be new mother of a baby...

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February Journal Entries – Pregnancy Project

New Participant! Acacia  Due in mid-March About Acacia This is my first baby and I'm due in mid-March! I'm a writer and yoga teacher and weirdo human being and I've lived in Portland my whole life. My daughter will be a 7th generation Oregonian! I live in...

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