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Photography by Marcus HaslamThis Month’s Featured Artist


“In floating… I try to come to the experience with an open mind and stay clear to allow whatever happens, happen without interference.”

Marcus Haslam

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Previous Programs

Art Program
Artwork from the Void

Our art program yielded a book (Artwork from the Void) with 150 full color pieces inspired directly by the float tanks.

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Music Program

Float On Music Program Our music project yielded over 25 original tracks from Portland performers. Our 3-disc float music CD will be released in the Spring.

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Dance Program

Float Dance ProjectWe are born from the void with nothing but our bodies in tow. Everything else – names, preferences, identities, occupations – gloms on later.

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Starting up, it was our goal to make sure that anyone can float, regardless of how much money they have or what circumstances they’re in.  We started up an arts program, internships, and a barter system as our initial efforts to make that happen.  All of them allow people to float at discounted rates, or for free, and help Float On out a lot in the process.

A Music Program was the next to launch as part of our Float Creations, and resulted in 3 CD’s of float music that are currently being mastered. And to support our love for delicious food, we’ve just started our Chef Program, which is accepting applicants now.

Read more on any of these programs to see what stage of development they’re currently in, and to see where they’re headed.

Chef Program

Float On Chef ProgramWe’ve just launched our Chef Program! Learn more about the undertaking, and apply to get involved!

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