Meet the Team

Quinn Zepeda

Quinn's Bio

The first thing you should know about Quinn is that he’s a skeptic.

However, just because he doesn’t immediately buy in doesn’t mean that he can’t be convinced. When he first heard some of the claims related to floating he was intrigued. He wanted badly to believe that he could hallucinate without drugs, while resting his body at the same time.

Quinn led a group of four to Venice Beach to meet Crash and try his tanks at Float Lab. Two and a half hours later and he was sold.

Christopher Messer

Christopher Messer

Christopher's Bio

Christopher is a mysterious man…

Graham Talley

Graham Talley

Graham's Bio

Graham Talley is one of the original Float On founders.

Due to ongoing insomnia growing up, his first experience with (limited) sensory deprivation was laying in bed waiting for hours to fall asleep. Being able to do this without gravity continues to delight him at least 4 times a day.

Graham has a degree in experimental psychology, graduate training in theater, and an unofficial 4th place standing in the Musketeer category from the World Beard and Mustache Competition in Norway.

Ashkahn Jahromi

Ashkahn's Bio

Ashkahn was born on Oct 27, 1988. Since then, things have been relatively uneventful.

He helped found Float On after making his way up to Portland from the State of California, earning a degree in Theater along the way. He is an expert in the creation and expulsion of fake blood, the different methods of cooking an Ostrich egg, and hugging.

On the 17th of November, 2063, Ashkahn will be elected the as first Super President of the newly formed Neptunian Empire. What will start as a benevolent oligarchy will slowly turn into a tyrannical dictatorship, securing Ashkahn’s place in Neptunian schoolbooks as the bringer of the “The Dark Times.”

Jake Marty

Jake Marty

Jake's Bio

Jake Marty joined the Float On team in 2010.

Beginning as a volunteer drenched in liquid Epsom salt, Jake’s role within the organization has been evolving from the moment he walked through the door.  He quickly became a business partner and an owner of Float On.

He’s spent the last several years fighting the good fight against salt damage and rogue sound waves.  Jake believes the float tank is, at its very core, an efficient and effective tool. He feels it can be used to familiarize oneself with all and nothing at the same time. While in the tank, the elimination of the outside world creates an environment where his creativity and ingenuity can run wild.

Jeanine Bocci

Jeanine's Bio

Jeanine spent part of her childhood sleeping in a closet, perhaps it was her first float tank.

This closet-bed period was related to her love of bats, which paved the way for acrobats. From there she took the next logical step, running away and joining the circus.

After studying circus arts in England, Australia, and China, Jeanine made her way back home to Oregon. Besides float tank contortion, she works with kids from newborns to teenagers.

Marshall Hammond

Marshall's Bio

Marshall first walked into Float On in the winter of 2011.

Nine years earlier, he had transplanted to Portland from the town of Prescott, Arizona to attend college and study philosophy and art. He graduated feeling disenchanted with academia and unsure of what he wanted to do with his life other than continue living in Portland, a city rich in other forms enchantment.

He worked a motley assortment of jobs and devoted his free time mostly to playing music and continuing his education as an autodidact. His interest in the mysteries of consciousness led him to try floating, and he soon discovered that he wanted to make it a career and lifelong study. He started interning in 2012, and became a full-fledged team member one year later.

Now Marshall is currently one of the Managers at Float On.

Marshall Hammond

Wes' Bio

Born and raised in Portland, OR; lived life on the east side, currently growing on the west side.

Has glasses and brown hair; makes music for plants.

You can find him in PNW forests or in your local float center.

Stop by and say, “Hello, Wes!”

Dana P.

Dana's Bio

Dana spent her first thirteen years living on a 200-acre summer camp in Stanwood, WA and never really grew out of the fun, explorative nature of being reared in such a place.
An adventurer at heart, Dana is happiest when she is free to seek what peaks her curiosity which can take the form of invigorating books, romps in the woods, fringe conversations, and live music.
Floating is the perfect addition to Dana’s repertoire of interests as it allows a person to explore their boundless inner world, an imagination-tingling quest for this girl. Dana received a job at Float On for her 2016 birthday (unbeknownst to her managers) and is completely thrilled to work in the float world with a crew cooler than Will Smith, introducing people to this truly amazing experience of nothingness.

Tim L.

Tim's' Bio

Tim is an odd one to be sure, but that’s just what we are looking for here at Float On!
Born in Portland and a frequent traveler of Oregon, Tim has never spent too much time in one place. Every few years his family would move to a new part of the city or greater state, meaning that he could never get too attached to a place or the people in it. As a result, Tim tends to spend much of his time in his own fantasy world, attempting to map the mental landscape and discover as much as he can about the universe from within his own head.
His unique view of the world and the wisdom that comes from years of analyzing everything around him has made Tim a great artist, a creative writer, uniquely insightful, and a very silly individual. Almost always looking on the bright side of situations, Tim is one of the friendliest and nicest people you could meet, though chances are he would get along far better with your cat.

Kevin H.

Kevin's Bio

I, like many others, heard about floating through Joe Rogan’s podcast, and immediately became intrigued by the idea of sensory deprivation.

I had my first float here at the shop, back in 2014 while visiting Portland for a jiu jitsu tournament. I really didn’t know what to expect from spending 90 minutes in a float tank, and I was a little fearful of being alone with my thoughts, in a small space. In the beginning, my floats were few and far between, but I realized what a beneficial tool the experiences were for my personal development.

I grew up in Southern Oregon, and moved to Portland in February of 2015 to pursue my martial arts training. I continued to use floating for the unmatched moments of mental clarity, ability to visualize training and recover on rest day. The universe sifted through my passions and ultimately led me to employment at Float On.

Outside of floating, I spend the majority of my days training martial arts, and am genuinely curious in the study of human physiology, biohacking, fitness and diet. I also enjoy spending time outdoors in the expansive PNW, hiking, traveling, listening to podcasts and stepping out of my comfort zone whenever the opportunity arises.

Clypto R.

Clypto's Bio

In spite of her love of all things ocean related and clear mermaid heritage, Clypto is not a particularly strong swimmer. Fortunately she discovered at a young age that floating on the surface of the water is, like, way easier. Clypto wants to be like water so that she can feel the edges of everything. Much of her adult life has been spent taking odd jobs in Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan and she has a degree in “General Fine Art”. In fact, she first came into contact with Float On through their Artist Program, which she is now the curator of.

Her hobbies include painting with egg yolk, wandering, and sitting quietly in dark spaces.

Cory G.

Cory's Bio

From the flatlands of Fargo, North Dakota, Cory traversed the mountains to bring his creative ambition to his new Pacific Northwest home. During his last year in college he decided to take a long road trip to visit many cities and states he’d never been to.  One of the final stops, being Portland.  Having an old friend living in the area ask if he’d like to try ‘floating’, and having a keen sense for adventure, they booked the 2 A.M. time slot and floated into the abyss.

A year later, Cory finished his bachelors degree, and moved out to the west coast to pursue an internship at a recording studio.  Aside from Float On, he also currently works freelance sound design and audio production, and enjoys playing instruments and making music with friends.  He takes any moment he can to fly down Mount Hood, with a plank of wood strapped to his feet.

Steve W.

Steve's Bio

Originally hailing from the Midwest, Steve was enchanted by Oregon’s Mountains, desserts and Ocean and decided to make it his home in the mid-nineties.

He first became aware of float tanks in the late eighties when he saw the movie “Altered States.” Although it took him until 2014 to walk through Float On’s door, once Steve tried floating he was hooked, appreciating it for both the consciousness exploration aspects as well as the relief of chronic back pain.

After his second float, he decided it would be a great idea to open a float center. When he came to his senses, he thought it would be a much better idea to work at one.

Originally hired as part of the maintenance team here, he eventually started putting in time behind the desk as well. When not woking at Float On, you’re likely to find Steve sweating on a yoga mat, hiking and backpacking the trails of the Northwest, cooking for his family and friends or producing music with his band, Systemwide.

Matt V.

Matt's Bio

Growing up in Portland, it is no surprise that I eventually found my way to Float On to see what this whole floating thing was about.

After my float in January 2018, I became hooked and started to learn as much about floating as I could. I soon applied for the internship program, which fueled my love for the tanks and led to an opportunity to join the team. When not in the tank, I like to spend my time on the mountain playing in the snow or wondering the many trails Oregon has to offer.

I have a deep love for southern Oregon after spending two years going to school in Ashland. Despite my love for the silence the tank brings, I always am on the search for new music, looking for the next concert or festival to attend.

Most of my free time is spent taking care of my five cats.

Alison S.

Alison's Bio

Alison came into floating at a time when her life was filled with so much of ‘everything’ that seeking ‘nothing’ was a perfect and obvious solution.  

Floating soothed the sharp edges of her mind and created a soft, warm space to grow compassion for the world around her. In fact, she found floating to be so transformative, she decided she wanted to hold space for others to have their own floaty experiences. Alison’s first float was at Float On, and while she explored paid and volunteer opportunities at various float centers, she hoped to one day greet customers at the doors of Float On.

This desire came to be in November 2018. When not immersed in float culture, Alison can be found completing her college degree in psychology, practicing yoga and meditation, or traveling the globe in efforts to serve various communities.