Is there a right way to prepare for a float? Of course not! However, I do think there are certain things you can do to help get your body and mind in the right state before a float. While not backed with science, I have done self-tests and found that doing these things before a float has made my floats better!

         –While floating as a recovery tool for exercise is awesome, I find coming straight to a float after a workout to be a waste. I still feel too “amped up” in the tank. I find it better to have at least a few hours gap between a workout and floating.

         –No cuts! If you have any major cuts and open wounds, it is best to wait until those are healed before coming in, salt and big wounds do not like to mix!

         –A small meal before coming in is always recommended, that way when you lay back in the tank, your stomach does not make any rumbling noises at you.

         –Out of all the tips I’ve shared, the one I follow the strictest is avoiding caffeine about 4 hours before getting into the tank. If I slip up and have caffeine too close to a float, I notice that the effects of caffeine are heightened, and I am actually more energetic in the tank than I was before getting in.  


This is in no way a definitive list of ways to prepare for a float, just things I have personally found to work!