How to Have the Best Float Experience

Floating can be a simple, yet not-so-simple experience.

In our beginner’s guide to floating we cover a few of the essential steps you should consider before going into your float. Things like making sure you refrain from caffeine, that you eat a small meal about 90 minutes prior, and not shaving or waxing before your appointment sets a solid foundation for a good float.

Even adhering to the basic guidelines, every float session can be different. Here are a few “pro tips” that may provide an even better float experience:

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Tip #1: Personalize your float


Custom Temperature – We can adjust both the water and the air temperature to be warmer or cooler. Although we keep our float tanks at the average body temperature, some people find that they run hot (or cold), and need the temperature to be changed a bit from our defaults.

Returning to the real world

Custom Wake Up Music – Wake up with your own music at the end of your float (not available in room 3 or 4). We can even play music or other audio during your float… Although we recommend doing the first few floats in silence – it’s a really magical experience.

Care for your hair

Hair Care Products – Try substituting our organic shampoo and conditioner for apple vinegar and castile soap. Some people prefer the vinegar afterwards for getting rid of salt, and leaving your hair soft and shiny.


Different Neck Pillows – In addition to our Float Halo neck pillows, we have several other neck pillows you can try out during your float.

Wet your whistle

Tea Waiting Post-Float – Ask us beforehand, and we’ll have a loose leaf tea of your choice prepared and waiting for you after your float.

Cast your wishes

Anything You Desire – If there’s anything you can think of to help make your float better, just ask us. We’ll probably do it (within reason).

Tip #2: Try different things

Different Float Tanks

We have 6 different rooms with 4 different models of tanks between them. While the overall experience is very similar, we find that most regular floaters end up picking a tank that they like the most, and it varies from person to person. Some people love our big, open float rooms, while others prefer the smaller, futuristic evolution pod. We recommend trying a few rooms over your visits to find which one is your favorite… OR maybe you’ll love them all.

Different Audio in Your Float

Most of us are under a pressure of stimulus that life constantly throws at us and floating provides a certain relief from unplugging that is hard to obtain. While we really think floating in total silence and darkness is the bee’s knees, we do have the ability to play audio for you during your float session. So, if you have some audio you’d like to listen to (be it a guided meditation, lecture notes, favorite podcast, or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) we can play it for you during your float.

Different Times of Day

The time of day can really affect your float. And optimal float times differ from person to person. Some people do much better floating in the early morning, while others have the most profound floats late at night. At certain times of day, you might feel more alert and energized, while other times you leave your float ready to relax and unwind even more.

Tip #3: Extend that float feeling

Stimulate Your Senses

You’ve just had a blissful, 90 minute break from all external sensation. Sometimes the best thing to do afterwards is something that will stimulate your senses again in a whole new way, a way that’s most pleasing to you. Listen to beautiful music. Watch a glorious sunset. Eat a delicious meal. Get a massage. Snuggle. It’s all going to be that much better after your float.

Stay Away from Stress

Avoid the things that cause you stress for as long as you responsibly can. Don’t immediately go home and turn on the news – that’s a sure way to kill your chill. If work stresses you out, don’t jump right back into your email when you get out of your float. Whatever puts you into “that mood” it’s probably best to put on your blinders.

Make a Day of It

If your schedule allows, set aside as much time as you can after your float to do nothing but fun and relaxing things. Go for a hike, lay on the grass in a park, hang out with friends, go the movies, or just go home and lay on your couch and read a good book.

Tip #4: Float more often

The more you float, the better it gets.

Like meditation, the beneficial effects of floating increase with practice. Sometimes it can take a few floats before you really get into it. If you weren’t able to fully relax on your first float, there’s a good chance your next float will be a lot better.

Save money when you float regularly.

Ask us about setting up recurring appointments. Also, our membership comes with some pretty cool perks and it also brings down the individual price of floating. Floats associated with our membership plan are also shareable, because who wouldn’t want the ones they love to be as floaty as them?

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