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Our Story

Sometimes things just click into place. Float On took only 152 days to go from a conversation over beers to the opening day of a 4-tank floatation therapy center on Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland, Oregon. We eventually grew into becoming a 6-tank center (at that time, the largest in the United States) after only a couple of years of being in business. Our grand scheme is to give everyone the chance to float, as regularly as they care to. We offer some of the lowest rates in the country ($65 for 90-minutes), and have all sorts of programs to help people get in the tanks.

Our Call to Awesomeness

The wonderful thing about finding yourself in control of a small business is that you get to do the really cool stuff that you always wish businesses would do. Partner with certified organic, carbon negative suppliers? Check. Give artists a free float? Nah- they should get 2 free floats. Musicians too! Let’s toss them in the tank! How about instead of a feedback box we have crayons and a piece of art paper set out each day?

We even help other businesses and floatation centers get started!

The History

Graham and Quinn have been best friends since high school. Shortly before Graham dragged him up to live in Portland in late 2009, Quinn went on his first float. He loved it. In May of 2010, the two of them sat down to drink and hash out some basic numbers on what it might take to start up float business. They started by reviewing all of the float centers in Oregon (there were only four, and one of them had just gone out of business). On their second float they met Christopher Messer, who was running a single tank out of his apartment. The three clicked immediately, and decided to open a float business together. A few weeks later, Ashkahn Jahromi came through Portland amidst a road-trip around the Northwest. After one night of crashing on the couch, he was sold. He moved to Portland a week later to help start Float On. The team was assembled.

Looking to the Future

One of the many shortcomings of plans is their tendency to get in the way of the spontaneously random opportunities that pop-up all the time. But, since flailing about randomly doesn’t make sense, we have a couple of general landmarks that we’re navigating towards. Our route is non-specific: We’d like to get a couple more float tanks (check that off our list). We’d like to start getting free floats for musicians and writers, like we do for artists (yup, we can check that one off too). We’re hoping to have enough customers that we can stay open 24 hours a day (mission accomplished). Designing our own model of float tanks sounds like a lot of fun, but that’s a bigger task than even our ambitious selves want to accomplish. OH… and we’d like to have a garden on the roof of our shop. << This one has proven to be the trickiest to accomplish and is still in progress.


4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215

[email protected]

Phone: 503.384.2620