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10 Easy Steps on How to Float Effectively

by Nikki Burian

1 – Strip yourself down to your most basic human existence. You will begin to
see the outlines of vulnerabilities – this is normal. They are exposed when
you are open; it has always been this way. Don’t fight it yet.

2 – Put your earplugs in, step inside the chamber. Close the door. Take a deep
breath. Lie down.

3 – Turn off the light. Keep your eyes open. What you see next is what you need.

4 – You will notice how quickly insecurities come hurdling towards you in the
dark. They will hover centimeters from every part of your body, waiting for
you to react, hoping you will crack them open and drink their liquor worry.
Insecurities are addictive. Do not swat them away, do not grab onto them.
They cannot see you if you are motionless, if you ignore their allure. They
will pass.

5 – You are floating in this water not to unearth that which can destroy you, but
you discover the tools necessary to keep it buried. It isn’t always easy.

6 – Fight the void you feel when you allow your senses to be stolen. Every war is
different, but most are typically fought with ideas, hopes, and love.
Determination is essential. Darkness is only as consuming as you make it,
remember that.

7 – What do you see when your sight is gone? What do you hear in the silence?
The person you used to be waits for you in this space. They will take any and
all opportunities to engulf you. They are your past for a reason. Leave them
there, where they do the least harm. Visualize your ideal self shooing them
away. Who you really are is present.

8 – Find the fireworks in your peripherals and embrace them. These are the
pieces of you that bring you the most joy and comfort. Allow them to explode
around you. Let their light illuminate what cowers in the shadows. That is
the direction you need to travel next. The next step to find your peace is over
there. Walk with passion.

9 – Reflect on how your mind kept you calm today, how it fights for that peace
even in the depths of your subconscious. The battle is always worth fighting
when you are in here. You are better every time you leave. Come back, fight

10 – Float on.